Sigma Phi Omega

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National Board

The Sigma Phi Omega National Board was founded in May 1998 at the Third Annual Convention in San Diego, California.  The National Board was formed to serve as a governing body for all chapters in order to create a foundation that would further our internal strength, create an environment that would nurture leadership through sisterhood, and to lead the sorority into a bright future.

The National Board is comprised of both actives and alumni of Sigma Phi Omega.  Every active chapter is represented in the National Board by a National Ambassador.  The National Ambassador is an active member of the sorority who is chosen to serve as a liaison and representative for her chapter.  The executive cabinet consists of alumni who hold the positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, California Governor, Texas Governor, and Philanthropy Chair.


Krissy Purdy - President

Originally from the Southern California area, I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area and love being here. Married and a mother to 3 rambunctious boys I love spending time with my family and enjoying all of life’s little surprises. I also own a small business running small group and personal training services. I am an NASM Certified Personal Trainer with certifications in Women’s Fitness, Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness and Youth Exercise. I am also a qualified TRX Trainer and a Road Runners of America Coach. In July I completed an Ironman 70.3 triathlon that includes a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and a 13.1 mile run! Prior to this I worked with technology and medical device start-ups in Silicon Valley.

Since joining in Fall 2002, I’ve held multiple top positions at both Chapter and National levels. I served as National Board President for many years and have now returned to be a part of this next chapter. Sigmas has always been an integral part of my life and has shaped me in many great, unexpected ways. It has given me my best friends and best memories. I want to give back all I have gained and continue to build upon our strong foundation a place for women to find themselves and other sisters for years to come. GO SIGMAS!

Odette Tan - Vice President

I crossed Fall of 1999 (Pi Class) at the University of Texas at Austin, Gamma Chapter.  I still live in Austin, though I’m originally from Sugar Land, Texas.  Joining a sorority was not what I had intended to do in my college career, but the ladies of Sigma Phi Omega were down to earth and about keeping it real.  Being an only child, these were the sisters I wanted; I couldn’t not join!  I graduated with a civil engineering degree and was Chapter President, Treasurer, Standards Board Chair, and House Mom.  After graduation, I was National Board Treasurer before I became National Board President for a number of years.  After stepping down, Sigma Phi Omega Charitable Foundation was formed; where I was a Board Member, Director of Operations, and now President.  Seems like I can’t get away from my sisters!

After many years of working 60+ hours/week in the consultant engineering world, I am now working as a project manager in county government, overseeing projects totaling $25M+.  This has allowed me to fully pursue life work balance (not work life) and turn my hobbies into additional part time jobs.  I perform Hawaiian hula throughout the central Texas area and instruct, perform, and compete in pole dance.  Aside from those three jobs, I am also the Immediate Past President of Women’s Transportation Seminar – Heart of Texas Chapter, an organization dedicated to building the future of transportation through the advancement of women.

Being a Sigma taught me how to prepare for the “real world” – how to communicate well with people from all different types of backgrounds, how to manage events and projects, how to be proactive and deal with difficult situations, how to delegate, and how to lead.


May Nguyen - Secretary

I'm a native of and currently reside in Dallas, TX. Although I'm an only child, I actually have the propensity for solitude so I had no intentions of affiliating with a sorority. Then, Sigmas came into my life. Their laid-back attitude, welcoming nature, and the fact that so many of them were also North Texas transplants gave me pause to reconsider my preconceived notions. I proceeded to join this sisterhood in Fall of 2003 (Omicron Class) at the University of Houston. I previously served on National Board in the Secretary capacity from 2011 to 2013. I've now returned to assist in guiding the next generation of ladies to achieve greater womanhood, continue our philanthropic efforts against domestic violence, and promote solidarity amongst chapters.


Dora Dianna Cuiriz - Treasurer

Born and raised in San Diego, I crossed Fall 2012 from Delta Chapter at San Diego State University. I graduated May 2016 with a bachelors in Psychology. I currently attend the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant University in San Diego for my Masters in MFT. I plan to continue my education and gain my Psy.D in Clinical Psychology. 

During my active ship, I held the positions of President, National Ambassador, Service Chair, Historian, & United Sorority & Fraternity Council Representative. Joining Sigma Phi Omega has created so many opportunities for my career and my education. Sigmas has given me the support system needed to grow as an individual,;with them I have truly learned what it means to achieve a greater womanhood. These experiences and bonds I have gained through Sigmas are something I will cherish dearly forever. I’m grateful to hold a National Board position and hope to give back so others can gain what I have from this amazing organization.


Angie Zhou - Philanthropy Chair

I crossed Spring 2011 (Alpha Rho Class) at the University of Texas at Austin, Gamma Chapter. I graduated in May 2014 with a double bachelors in International Relations with a track in Political Economics and Asian American Studies. I am currently attending the University of California, San Diego to pursue a masters in International Affairs through their Global Policy and Strategy Program. After graduation, I hope to continue a career in non-profit management. Essentially, I love service! 

I have been active for every semester since I've crossed and immediately took a position in National Board when I graduated. I truly believe in our motto "the reward is in the doing" so I strive to make our sorority run as efficiently as possible. I have gained so much from my sisters and I hope to continue giving back for many years to come. My motivation for becoming Philanthropy chair comes from my personal experiences with domestic violence. This year, I hope to increase the number/quality of service events at each chapter and promote attendance from sister chapters as well :)


Brittany Tom Sun - California Governor

I am originally from Sacramento and made the move down to Long Beach for school.  During my active ship I was President, Vice-President, and Alumni Chair just to name a few.  I am so lucky to have been blessed with the girls I've met through Sigmas and I hope that other girls can have a similar experience to what I've had. 

I've just recently become an alumni and graduated from CSULB in 2014 with a degree in fashion merchandising. I've had the opportunity to intern with amazing companies such as Vera Wang and JustFab, and with my background I hope to one day work at a well known fashion label as their head of human resources. 

Outside of Sigmas I am a competitive gymnastics coach in the South Bay Area and an administrative assistant for Farmers Insurance.  I have been coaching for six years and was previously a competitive gymnast myself, and something I hold very near and dear to my heart.  I enjoy watching my gymnasts develop and grow, in the same way that Sigmas turns girls into strong confident young women.  This is the most rewarding part of being a part of this organization and what prompted me to run for National Board.  I can't wait to see how much more Sigmas will grow and inspire girls to be greater women.


Cynthia Nguyen - Texas Governor

I crossed Fall 2013 as a Charter of Kappa Chapter at the University of Texas at Dallas. I graduated with my Bachelors of Kinesiology degree in the Summer of 2015 and am currently a part time waitress at a local restaurant, Financial Advisor, and applying for Physical Therapy Assistant school. 

Starting my college career at The University of North Texas during the Fall of 2012, I was approached by an old friend who happened to be a Sigma from SMU, asking me if I would be interested to charter another chapter for Sigmas at UTD. At first I was skeptical, but little did I know that Sigmas would impact my life in such a influential way. Sigmas have brought me not only a unique experience in college, but also blessed me with people who I consider now my family. 

Throughout my years as an active, I held positions as Fundraising Chair, Historian, New Member Educator, and New Member Director. After graduating, I decided to take on the role as Texas Governor for Sigma Phi Omega because this organization has given me so much that it is only right for me to give my 110% into something I truly cherish and believe in. I hope that with my involvement with National Board, I will be able to impact lives as it did mine the day that I decided to take part of this sisterhood.

Patricia Delgado Garcia - Alumni Chair

As a Charter Member of Delta Chapter, SDSU, I crossed in the Fall, 1991 and was also a founding member of the Asian Greek Council (AGC) in San Diego in 1992.  I served several positions and was President of my chapter in my last year at SDSU (1994).  I have a degree in Political Science and am currently a Senior Paralegal and Probate Case Administrator at a law firm in San Diego, CA, where I assist clients in estate planning, estate and trust administration, tax exempt organizations, and estate and gift tax, and have been working in the field since 1996.  I am also an Enrolled Agent where I am enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service for income tax matters on behalf of clients. 

I served as Director of Operations for a nonprofit organization in San Diego, and served on a few different nonprofit boards.  I currently sit on the Steering Committee for the Rotary Model Union Nations which is a Model UN program established for high school students through our local rotary clubs.  I have served as President (currently Treasurer) of our chapter's alumni association where we also maintain a scholarship program for our chapter's members and serve as mentors to the active class as needed.  Based on this background, I continued to stay involved with the Sorority by maintaining all of the corporate records for the National Board and Foundation, including all federal and California tax and Secretary of State compliance and reporting.  While it is a wonderful experience to be involved with the chapter and National Board at this level, I have always been very interested in the philanthropic arm of the Sorority on a national scale.

I am a founding Director of the Sigma Phi Omega Sorority Charitable Foundation and served as President from 2010-2014.  I currently serve as the Foundation's Treasurer.  I am very proud of the Foundation and happy to serve with my fellow Sigma sisters.  As we continue to grow the Foundation, I cannot be more excited to build on our National Philanthropy and National Scholarship Program. 

Previous Executive Boards

2015 - 2016
President - Krissy Purdy
Vice President - Odette Tan
Secretary - Jackie Liu
Treasurer - Tanzila Khorshed ('15)
Philanthropy Chair - Angie Zhou
CA Governor - Brittany Tom Sun
TX Governor - May Nguyen
Alumnae Chair - Yekki Song

2014 - 2015
President - Kimberly Holiday-Coleman
Vice President - Angela Lopez
Secretary - Evie Perez
Treasurer - Tanzila Khorshed
Philanthropy Chair - Hoyi Chan
CA Governor - Ann Luong
TX Governor - Angie Zhou
Alumnae Chair - Florianne Lew

2013 - 2014
President - Amy Lee Yoon
Vice President - Kimberly Holiday-Coleman
Secretary - Tiffany Hua
Treasurer - Angela Lopez
Philanthropy Chair - Tracy Luu
CA Governor - Jill McArthur
TX Governor - Hoyi Chan

2012 - 2013
President - Krissy Purdy
Vice President - Thao Nguyen ('12) & Amy Lee Yoon ('13)
Secretary - May Nguyen
Treasurer - Maylee Chang
Philanthropy Chair - Kristy Chan
CA Governor - Kristy Chan
TX Governor - Hoa Dieu

2011 - 2012
President - Krissy Purdy
Vice President - Andrea Mai-Tran
Secretary - May Nguyen
Treasurer - Connie Wong
Philanthropy Chair - Mellissa Sanchez
CA Governor - Cynthia Kadowaki
TX Governor - Judy Ngo

2010 - 2011
President - Krissy Purdy
Vice President - Liza Lhospital
Secretary - Tammy Tran
Treasurer - Francis Nguyen
Philanthropy Chair - Teri Pon Futaba
CA Governor - Phylicia Ruiz
TX Governor - Judy Ngo

2009 - 2010
President - Krissy Purdy
Vice President - Liza Lhospital
Secretary - Thao Nguyen
Treasurer - Teri Pon Futaba
Philanthropy Chair - Kristy Chan
CA Governor - Tiffany Hermawan
TX Governor - Rosa Nam

2008 - 2009
President - Amy Chen
Vice President - Teri Pon Futaba
Secretary - Esther Wong
Treasurer - Kim Le
Philanthropy Chair - Celia Tse
CA Governor - Krissy Pimanmas Purdy
TX Governor - Liza Agustin Lhospital

2007 - 2008
President - Odette Tan
Vice President - Teri Pon Futaba
Secretary - Jessica Chang
Treasurer - Liza Agustin
Philanthropy Chair - Amy Yoon
CA Governor - Krissy Pimanmas Purdy
TX Governor - Amy Chen 

2006 - 2007
President - Odette Tan
Vice President - Teri Pon Futaba
Secretary - Jessica Chang
Treasurer - Liza Agustin
Philanthropy Chair - Calista Wu
CA Governor - Teri Pon Futaba ('06) & Krissy Pimanmas Purdy ('07)
TX Governor - Hanny Pei ('06) & Amy Chen ('07)

2005 - 2006
President - Odette Tan
Vice President - Debbie Wang
Secretary - Linda Thai
Treasurer - Thu Phan
Philanthropy Chair - Susan Chung
CA Governor - Teri Pon Futaba
TX Governor - Hanny Pei

2004 - 2005
President - Eunhi Kim
Vice President - Debbie Wang
Secretary - Melissa Sanchez
Treasurer - Odette Tan
Philanthropy Chair - Susan Chung
CA Governor - Teri Pon Futaba
TX Governor - Hanny Pei

2002 - 2004
President - Cheryl Wong
Vice President - Emilie Tan
Secretary - Kathy Lee
Treasurer - Liz Supavong
Philanthropy Chair - Eunhi Kim
CA Governor - Joanne Rullan
TX Governor - Debbie Wang

2001 - 2002
President - Uyen Pham
Secretary - Kathy Lee

2000 - 2001
President - Uyen Pham
Secretary - Cheryl Wong
Treasurer - Kathy Lee

1999 - 2000
President - Uyen Pham
Secretary - Cheryl Wong
Treasurer - Kathy Lee

1998 - 1999
President - Uyen Pham
Secretary - Tammy Le
Treasurer - Kathy Lee