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2018 Graduating Sigmas
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2018 Graduating Sigmas

We Would like to congradulate our Sigmas for completing this major milestone in their lives.

1.     Nicole Kim

2.     Serena Chen

3.     Amy Vu: Media Studies

4.     Nuri Lee-Hong: Architecture 

5.     Rachel Chin: Architecture

6.     Connie Kim: Computer Science

7.     Tiffany Young: Psychology

8.     Gina Hoan Allied Health

9.     Monica Nguyen Public Health and Psychology

10.  Alejandra Ramirez Public Health 

11.  Tracy Nguyen Sociology

12.  Kim Nguyen Health Track

13.  Holly Nguyen Agricultural Communications and Journalism

14.  Jasmine Nguyen Human Resources Development 

15.  Adela Lee Chemical Engineeing 

16.  Karyn Ho Telecommunications and Media Studies 

17.  Victoria Nguyen Masters in Medical Sciences 

18.  Alice Ye 

19.  Sharon Lee

20.  Aileen Chiu, Business Admin

21.   Anita Wang, B.S. Public Policy

22.   Ari Choi, Architecture Studies

23.   Ashley Lee, B.S. Public Policy

24.  Eliya Lee, Economics

25.  Finnel Wang, Economics

26.  Fion Lam, Public Relations

27.  Rowen Wu, Computer Science

28.  Sara Chen, Business Admin Cinematic Arts

29.  Vanessa Chang, Communications

30.  Jennifer Huynh: Fall 14, Supply Chain Management

31.  Mylan Tieu: Fall 14, Finance

32.  Jessica Chen: Fall 14, Public Health

33.  Claudia Chang: Fall 15, Advertising

34.  Emily Wu: Fall 15, Advertising

35.  Hayley Silverman: Spring 15, Chemical Engineering

36.  Jessica Lin: Fall 15, Design

37.  Melody He: Fall 14, Advertising

38.  Seonju Kim: Fall 14, Chemistry

39.   Helen Zheng: Spring 15, Supply Chain Management

40.  Jana Yu: Spring 15, Mathematics

41.  Rebecca Nguyen: Fall 15, Mechanical Engineering

42.   Linh Tran: Fall 15, Speech-Language Pathology

43.  Emily Wang: Fall 15, Public Health/Pre-Optometry

44.  Kelly Chang: Fall 16, Corporate Communications

45.  Feun Robinson: Spring 15, Economics

46.  Christina Lau: Spring 15, Textiles and Apparel

47.   Nancy Dong: Fall 14, Biology

48.  Amy Phan Business Management Information Systems

49.   Carmelli Cadiz Microbiology w/ emphasis on Clinical Lab Science

50.  Jazelle Isidro Nursing

51.  Jenny Nguyen Communications

52.  Genda Nickels Child Development

53.   Kiani Williams Marketing

54.  Katrina Gatan Criminal Justice

55.   Karol Rivera Kinesiology Pre Physical Therapy

56.  Mariah Maico Kinesiology Pre Physical Therapy

57.  Judy Ann Diosa Psychology 

58.  Emily Wang Accounting

59.   Dora Cuiriz MA in Couples and Family Therapy

60.  Brittany Tom Sun MA in Business Admin 

61.  Sally Chiu, Fall 14

62.   Mistilyn Thornton, Fall 14

63.  Melissa Nestlerode, Fall 14

64.   Nancy Ngo, Fall 15

65.  Rebecca Negri, Fall 15


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Berkely Informals
11:30 AM11:30

Berkely Informals

The ladies of Sigma Phi Omega, Zeta Chapter, at the University of California, Berkeley, cordially invite you to the presentation ceremony of our Spring 2018 Alpha Alpha New Member Class:


♡ Lil sis: Alexandra Ham
Big sis: Hannah Park

♡ Lil sis: Alicia Geng
Big sis: Stephanie Tsou

♡ Lil sis: Annie Dang
Big sis: Jenny Mo

♡ Lil sis: Elita Murtanu
Big sis: Linh-Mai Do

♡ Lil sis: Jacqueline Nguyen
Big sis: Angela Tseng

♡ Lil sis: Jean Lee
Big sis: Yoona Kim

♡ Lil sis: Lavie Lee
Big sis: Elle Lam

♡ Lil sis: Maddy Lee
Big sis: Maya Hanaoka

♡ Lil sis: Rachel Jeong
Big sis: Christine Hikido

♡ Lil sis: Sam Yuhan
Big sis: Michelle Jang


and their beautiful New Member Director, ThienKim Ho

This special event will take place on Friday, February 17 at:

Alumni House @ UC Berkeley
Toll Room

Please check in with the external chair at 8:45 PM as Open Presentations will begin *promptly* at 9:00 PM.

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CSULB ΣΦΩ | fall rush 2016
to Sep 9

CSULB ΣΦΩ | fall rush 2016

  • California State University, Long Beach (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

So take a deep breath and let it go
You shouldn't be drowning on your own~
#wecandrowntogether #jk

The sisters of Sigma Phi Omega, Beta Chapter here at CSULB, warmly welcome you to come join us while we explore the many reasons why being in a sisterhood such as ours is so wonderful. Come see what makes us different by checking out our table during Greek Week & Week of Welcome as well as at all our rush events!

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